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The Shadow Legion

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The Shadow Legion is a dark brotherhood that resides in the overwhelming darkness of space. We're always there, always watching, always ready to strike without a moments notice. The Shadow Legion is an outlaw group, comprised of pirates, smugglers, bounty hunters and mercenaries. The brotherhood consists of many different roles and ranks. Current ranks are as follows (most important first):

Lieutenant Commander
Senior Legionnaire

Every new member starts as a recruit, and as they prove themselves to the High Command, they will be promoted and rewarded for their service and loyalty to the brotherhood.

Although The Shadow Legion has a hierarchical system in place, you are not forced to do anything, unless you are being punished. Once part of the brotherhood, you are free to do as you please, knowing that you have the support of the Legion and that many members will defend and assist you in any tasks you wish to undertake. That being said, contracts will become available for those willing to undertake them. The ranks are primarily for people to see that you have proved yourself and have earned the right to a new rank. The High Command (Chairman, Commander and Senior Officers) are the only people that have escalated privileges to everyone else. This is purely to maintain a working system and organise the people that want to be organised (those that take our contracts for example).

We never use real names. The identities of everyone in the brotherhood is secret. Revealing the details of a member of the brotherhood is punishable by expulsion from The Shadow Legion and extreme torture.

The Shadow Legion does not impose minimum play limits. You are not required to play for X amount of hours on Y amount of days to keep your place in the brotherhood. On the other hand, more active and involved members are recognised for promotions quicker and benefit from the systems within the brotherhood.